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Category:SMC Sheet Machine
Time:2014-5-24 22:04:46


1. SMC- Sheet making line

Working width 1000 mm

Production speed continuously adjustable from 4-12 m/min

Sheet weight 2-5 kg/m2

Glass contents 15-35%

Fibre lengths 25.4 mm or 12.7mm


A high percentage of glass corresponds to a lower viscosity. A high viscosity corresponds to a lower percentage of glass. A high sheet weight corresponds to a lower working speed.

2. This machine consists of:

1.0 Machine frame in rectangle tubes

2.0 Film unwinder for lower carrier film with tension controlled, max. diameter film roll 300 mm.

2.1 Film unwinder for upper carrier film with tension controlled, max. diameter film roll 300 mm.

3.0 spreader rollers, fitted in front of both doctor blade assemblies

4.0 doctor blade assembly Ⅰ( lower carrier film) with accurate setting the doctor blade gap, doctor blade split, variable 0~3.0 mm, rapid lift off the doctor blade for cleaning

5.0 doctor blade assembly Ⅱ( upper carrier film)

specification identically to doctor blade assembly Ⅰ

doctor blade assembly is made from carbon steel,working surface is electroplated。

6.0 roving cutter

- working width 1000 mm

- cutter roll Ф165-200 mm with 20- 24 spiral grooves for inserted cutter blades in steel

- contact roller, Ф165-200 mm, with polyurethane

- drop height of the chopped strands 600 mm

- continuously adjustable frequency controlled motor

with voltage 380V, 50Hz, performance 1.5KW

7.0 adjustable turnaround roller, with variable draw-in angle of the paste-coated upper films are put together to a sandwich (film feeding)

8.0 chain belts as lower transport and impregnation belt

9.0 belt guidance for lower impregnation belt

10.0 belt tension device with manual operated

Chain belt is made from stainless steel。

11.0 impregnation zone

compaction bridge with chain belt as upper impregnation belt and belt guidance. 15 upper and 16 lower impregnation rollers, with manual belt tension.

Adjustment of the pressure limitation and of the run-in and run-out angle by hand wheels. The impregnation pressure is made pneumatically and adjustable by a pressure reducer.

There are two different modes of operation;roller on roller or roller on gap。

12.1 belt tension device with manual operated

tension roller, for upper impregnation belt

13.1 smoothing roller

adjustment of the height by step wedge,counter pressing or lifting off pneumatically

15.1 main drive

continuously adjustable frequency controlled motor (380V, 50Hz, performance 3KW)

16.1 1 turret winder

Working width: 1000 mm

Diameter of winding axles: Ф75 mm inside, Ф93 mm outside

2 Diameter of SMC mat rollers: max. 350 mm

Weight of the SMC mat rollers: max. 100kg

Taking up of the cardboard cores between left and right take-up heads with pneumatic clamping. Winding of the SMC mats on cardboard cores。

3 The mechanical winding part, can choose automatic swing folding package, the SMC material put into the container, swing can be adjusted to the maximum 1000mm

17.0 1 sheet metal control cabinet

with doors at operation side. ON/OFF button, two frequency controllers which separately used to control the belt speed and the cutter speed and t winder are controlled on the operation panel.

2 All motors and electrical apparatus at the machine are not in explosion proofed。The control cabinet is not explosion proofed。It has not be installed outside the ex-area。

SMC production line mainly includes several parts: S-1000 mainframe; high speed dispersion machine (11kw) is a high-speed dispersion machine; (7.5kW) a: stainless steel mixing tank (cooling type, 11kw1500L/ set) two sets, stainless steel cans (200L /a) four; stainless steel hopper (100L/) two..

18 If your company's constant demand is big enough, and suggested the use

ofcontinuous feeding of hybrid system, the device will be a good mixture (slurrycontaining unsaturated polyester resin, low shrinkage additive, initiating agent,coupling agent, inhibitor, filler....) ; thickening agent; color, at the same time, according to a certain proportion, through three sets of special pump into a high-speed mixer,fully mixing evenly, two Tu glue tank continuously transported to the SMC unit, so as to realize the continuous working unit, greatly improving production efficiency.

The above processes corresponding to the equipment:

18.1 Resin paste feed pump set

Dimensions (length * width * height) 1800mm*450mm*600mm

Motor power 3KW, frequency control of motor speed, maximum flow per hour 4 cubic.

18.22 Thickener the feed pump set

Dimensions (length * width * height) 1000mm*300mm*300mm

Motor power 0.75KW, domestic reducer, variable speed motor, pump for the USAimported.

18.3 Paste the feed pump set

Dimensions (length * width * height) 1000mm*300mm*300mm

Motor power 0.75KW, domestic reducer, frequency conversion motor, pump for theAmerican imported.

18.4 static mixer assembly a

Dimensions (length * width * height) 500mm*600mm*3200mm

Power 5.5KW, an impeller 4, a small bucket stirrer

18.5 1200L resin paste tank a

Dimensions (length * width * height) 1500mm*1300mm*1600mm

Material 201 stainless steel

18.6 150L paste, Mgo paste stainless steel tank 3

Dimensions (length * width * height) 2400mm*750mm*850mm

18.7 automatic control power distribution cabinet a

Dimensions (length * width * height) 600mm*700mm*1200mm

Variable frequency speed 4 motor, inverter power 5.5KW1 3kw1 0.75kw2 platform

7 inch color touch screen display, PLC and other electrical parts.

18.8 A set of stainless steel feed line

(15 pieces of metal hose, 15 sets of quick change connector, 20 sets of sealed pad)

18.9 color, with electronic weighing 2 Mgo paste tank (large table)


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